Friday, October 23, 2009

Make money doing what you love

Today you can get paid with doing what you like to do! There are huge opportunities out there and everybody can play the game, just do what you are passionate about and hustle. Hustle, work hard and give a shit. This is the most important message I could give you today.

You need to be visible and transparent, basically you need to brand yourself!

In the past it was necessary to invest huge sums in TV spots, radio casts, magazine ads to market yourself, in today’s world this isn’t necessary any more. Your customers are everywhere you just need to lead them to you, your products, your services and you need to care about them. Be supportive

Be Passionate, Be Patient

To succeed in today’s altered business ecosystem you need to speak with your customers by producing quality content about your passion. In a second step you need to listen to them and most essentially you need to give a shit about them. You need to care about them, you need to interact with them.

You need to be patient and work hard to succeed in this new business ecosystem called social media or web 2.0

To create a successful business on the internet you need to be everywhere, be passionate and patient, you need to work hard and hustle, you need to spend 80% to 90% of your working hours in the web to produce quality content – answer e-mails – post quality replies to blogs related to your activity or business.

What’s social media?

It’s word to mouth on steroids, if you have something to say and if it’s quality, because quality is always king, it gets expanded in so many directions and this is the real power of it because everybody has a voice and not certain select fields.

You need to treat social media like twitter facebook tumbler flickr youtube like a party and not like a presentation. You don’t use them to talk about business or pitch everybody. You try to get into conversation like you do on a party in the real world those media are just a translation into the virtual world and you should use it like that.

To communicate, just do it.

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