Thursday, October 15, 2009

Traditional Business - The game has changed and you need to deal with it!

What people need to understand is that the way we communicate is so different.

Today’s traditional businesses need to understand that, you don’t control the message of the brand any more, users control the message and they are the one who talk about it and how you respond to them, that’s the game, not the other way around.

The idea is to listen to the users out their all the time. That’s the game and not what you tell them.

It’s all about listening, it’s all about caring but most of all you need to be good at what you are doing. Talk about your passion whatever it is and live in the communities where they talk about it to really get in their.

Find your niche if it is your hobby or whatever it is and communicate with people out their. If you put exciting, silly, interesting stuff out their that people like and it goes viral, let me tell you something, you will have hundred’s or thousand’s of people watching it and you can make ten or hundred of thousand’s of dollars with virtually everything.

With product placement on your video pod cast because everything what’s relevant in movies and television is relevant on-line, because if you get the eyeballs, and the only way to that is to have a lot of passion and chops for that subject matter, even a bottle of water can be monetized.

Just make the connection.

That’s the world we live in dude and to me that’s fascinating and exciting, but make no mistake it is hard work, hassle and about connecting.

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